THE SUPERBOWL IS HERE!!! I’m Rooting for……..

CHOCOLATE CAKE!  Kidding.  I’m MAKING chocolate cake, I’m ROOTING for the 49ers!  GO 49ers!  Sorry all you Raven fans! :( .

I’m going to make a chocolate football cake.  It’s in the oven and it has exactly….15 minutes left, wait 14 minutes and 34 seconds, WAIT!  I’ll stop now.


When I was making the cake, I was opening a new cocoa powder container.  But guess what?  I got Cocoa Poofed.  HA!  Get it?  ‘Cause ”Cocoa Poofed”  and “Cocoa Puffs”?  So- You know what, I think I’m gonna stop now….

I got the recipe from an OLD Betty Crocker book.  It’s OLD!  My mom got it from my grandma.

See?  Here’s a picture.



See the sides?



“Huh?  WHAT?”

Oh, sorry.  I was just informed by my older sister that the cake wasn’t actually in the oven and is sitting on the counter.  “Just, just pop it in the oven and set the timer to 35-no!  38 minutes!”

Anyways, to make the cake you will need…



Hold, on let me get the recipeeeee…..

2 cups of cake flour or 1 2/3 cups of all-purpose flour…

1 1/2 cups of sugar…

2/3 cups of cocoa….

1 1/2 teaspoons of baking soda…

1 teaspoon of salt…

1 1/2 cups of buttermilk…

1/2 cup of shortening…(because it’s healthier, I use coconut oil….)

2 eggs…

1 teaspoon of vanilla!

Beat all the ingredients together and bake.  (13 x 9 is 35 to 40 minutes.  And a two layer round for 30 to 35 minutes.)


Agent G!

Mini Things and Me, Agent G

First off, “G”  in “Agent G” stands for Grace.  Yes.  That IS my name.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, I LOVE mini things.  THEY ARE SO CUTE!!  From mini Vaseline containers, to mini iron skillets, to mini-mini cupcakes, to mini-mini cookies. (copy and paste into your browser.)

So, do YOU like mini things?  Say in the poll!

Agent G

Taylor Swift’s “Red” Album!

Okay, I know it’s been A LONG WHILE.  But hey, I’ve been busy.  (Great excuse, Grace…LOL!)

Raise your hand if your psyched for Taylor Swift’s new album “Red” (okay, sort of new.) *Raise hand* I’m listening to two of the songs on it right now.

Anyways, don’t be suprised if Taylor Swift pops up a lot in the next month.  :)


(Please note:  This is NOT my work or photo I copied this from the blog: Sweetie Pie Bakery.  Great work huh?)

I want this cake!

Type that in your browser.  The link option isn’t really working on my blog website….yeaaaah…

Agent Sweet

3-Tone Gummy Bear on a Stick!


Blue raspberry is good.  Cherry is fine.  But orange is phenomenal!  Consistency of a gumdrop (good for small children), and tastes WONDERFUL!  It’s hard to see, but the middle layer is orange, even though the bottom and middle look like cherry!

Gummeh Behr

Gummeh Behr

Molly (my older sis) eatin' some of my behr!

Molly (my older sis) eatin some of my behr!

LOL!  Gotta try one.  Go to for tons more flavors!

Buddha’s hand

Ever heard of- or tried Buddha’s hand?  It’s an unusual fruit.  It smells like a lemon, and tastes like lemon rind.  It’s typically used to sweeten dishes.  The white part tastes WAAAAY better than the yellow part, even though neither would make a good dessert!

Buddha's Hand

Buddha's hand

Buddha's hand 2

Buddha's hand top

Buddha's hand bottom

Buddha's hand bottom.

Agent G

WHAT?!?!  A 5 pound gummy bear?  A 26 pound gummy bear and a 26 pound gummy python?!  PHENOMENAL!  YAYAH!

Want one of these for Christmas?  Go to!  They have much more, too!

Check it out! :)

Agent G

The Flying Cupcake Bakery

In Indianapolis, Indiana, there is a charming little bakery called “The Flying Cupcake”  I went there, hoping to get their chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake, but they didn’t have any.  I decided to get the “Auf Weidersehen”  it was a lively jumbo German chocolate cupcake with coconut and pecan topping.  It was simply divine.  My Dad bought “It’s not a ho ho” and my older cousin bought a “Pucker up” while, my sister bought a “Cheeky cherry cheese” and we bought my Mom a jumbo Black-bottom cake.

The address of “The Flying Cupcake” is: 715 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46204 or 5617 North Illinois street, Indianapolis, IN, 46208.  Visit to get the menu and more locations! :)

Agent G


Hi, I’m Agent G.  Welcome to my blog, Undercover Sweets!  I’m out to get the scoop on new sweet places, get you guys recipes ASAP, and stuff like that.

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